With a nation in lockdown no less than 3 times in the space of 10 months and unprecedented uncertainties around health, economy and society, it’s no great surprise that Door Drop spend has been volatile this past year. We saw a steep and sudden decline in Door Drop activity in Q2 of 2020, and If we reflect back to the end of March 2020, companies were forced to make decisions over night pulling back spend and cancelling committed ad plans in their quest to keep business spend tight, in the knowledge that a service offering might not have been viable or offered in the same capacity as pre 23rd March. Many companies also needed to take a moment to consider what the right message to communicate was for the brand at such a time. 

At a time of dismay and uncertainty for so many, a brand could potentially do itself harm if a campaign or key message didn’t acknowledge the difficulties we were all facing, and the last thing any consumer wanted at the time was to be encouraged to spend money with the perception that it was ‘business as usual’. 

Brands have been working hard to revamp their campaign strategies, review budgets, overhaul creatives and finesse their messaging, and those that identified what consumers really needed and perfected the right level of ‘personal’ are the ones that thrived. 

For those that continued to invest in well planned, well created and well executed Door Drop at a time when more people were spending more time at home than ever, the benefits remain clear.

JICMAIL have now released 2 quarterly reports, with some of the key insights highlighted below:

  • Consumers were much more receptive to mail during lockdown with 88% of people saying they paid more attention to mail received
  • Ad Mail saw an overall 96% engagement rate reported during lockdown
  • In Q2 2020, Door Drop was the biggest mover when looking at lifespan which saw a YoY increase of 16%
  • Commercial Actions from Door Drop saw a YoY increase of 64%
  • 96% of all advertising mail was engaged with
  • Across Q3 2020, consumer engagement improved once more as digital actions prompted by advertising mail increased 33% YoY 
  • Door Drop frequency, reach and lifespan all improved YoY and stood at 3.03, 1.06 and 6.4 respectively
  • 7/10 top Door Drop advertisers saw their mail SoV improve in Q3 resulting in greater visibility on consumer doormats

We are living in a society where tactile and more personal, local communications are craved, and what’s more -Door Drop provides a direct channel of communication straight in to the homes of consumers. 

At the outset of the pandemic, the Government, despite sending their message out to the nation via print media, on radio and TV encouraging us to keep safe, still saw the benefits in employing a Door Drop campaign as a cost effective and authoritative means to reach every household in the country. 

Amanda Griffiths, head of communications planning Royal Mail MarketReach, said: “It has never been a more important time for brands to strengthen their relationships and build connections with their customers. The pandemic has meant that home has become and will remain an important and safe place for people creating the ideal environment for them to engage with mail more deeply than ever. Now is the perfect time for brands to deepen their customer relationships and drive revenue through mail.”

We look forward to learning more from JICMAIL in the much anticipated release of their Q4 insights, and The Leaflet Company are currently working on a 2020 market review, also due to be released in the coming weeks. 

For more insight in to why Door Drop, and to find out how The Leaflet Company can help from planning and campaign management, print and transport, to execution and post campaign evaluation.

JAN 2021

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