As the leading Door Drop specialist, The Leaflet Company offers a number of services to advertisers and agencies. Each service is designed to ‘hold your hand’ through the process required to return the most cost efficient and effective campaign. Dependent on your experience of the medium, you may wish to tap into our expertise at different service stages. Have a peruse of each service and contact us with any questions.


Your campaign is safe with us

The Leaflet Company has access to, and has developed an extensive amount of, data insights, designed to help an advertiser understand its consumer in fine detail and subsequently locate more. Techniques employed vary, however The Leaflet Company is able to understand your target consumer according to a number of variables. Examples below:

Shopping, Leisure, Interests and Hobbies

Travel & Holiday

Financial Services



Health & Diet

The Environment

Charitable causes


Media & The Internet


There is an art to successful planning

The art of implementational planning is as important as the Data planning that precedes it. The success of a Door Drop advertising campaign is directly affected by a number of implementational considerations, such as the following;

  • How should you define and group your ranking
  • What month, week in month, day in week should you choose
  • How often/frequently should you distribute
  • What method of distribution should you use
  • Should you use sub-sector geo-demography to define your selection
  • What should the item look like and what should it say
  • How does door drop work with other advertising
  • How do you define your retail catchment
  • Should you rotate selections from your retail catchment

Tailoring the best execution for your campaign

Door Drop distribution is an advertising medium that involves items being hand delivered through the letterbox of a consumer’s household. There are three primary methods of distribution, namely; Newshare, Royal Mail & Team.

Newshare distribution is the method that uses the freesheet newspaper network to deliver items alongside your local free paper. Typically, they are delivered between Wednesday & Friday of each week.

Royal Mail distribution uses the national network of postmen and women and delivers items alongside your daily post. Typically, they are delivered between a Monday & Wednesday of each week.

Team distribution is the method that uses Teams to distribute items either on their own, also known as ‘Solus’, or alongside other items, also known as ‘Shareplan’. Team distribution can be arranged for any day of week.

The standard currency upon which a Door Drop advertising campaign is executed is a Postal Sector, however it is possible to distribute to sub-sector geography through Newshare and Team.


AB Postal Area
AB1 Postal Dsitrict
AB1 2 Postal Sector
AB1 2CD Postal Postcode


There are 9,300+ Postal Sectors in the UK that contain on average 2,800+ and a total of 26.7m+ letterboxes to which an advertiser can distribute. If you would like to know how to target Postal Sectors that are good for you, whether you should consider sub-sector geography and which method of distribution to use, then please Contact Us.


See the results and measure benefits

Understanding how a Door Drop advertising campaign performed for your business sounds an obvious thing to do.

The Leaflet Company is adept at knowing what to look for and how to go about planning a campaign in order that as much can be learned as possible.

This includes econometric analysis that assists media channel planning, taking into consideration the increasing impact the internet and other forms of digital media have on all businesses in today’s media market.

Common metrics used to report on the effectiveness of a Door Drop campaign or any variable within it, extend to the following; Response Rates or RRs, Cost per Response or CpR, Cost per Sales or CpS, Conversion, Average Order Value or AOV, Return on Investment or ROI and Life Time Value or LTV.