Forget parcels and presents, Q4 was the season for Unaddressed Mail. We may have witnessed a decline in the sending and receiving of Christmas cards in 2022, but Door Drop interactions increased during the festive trading period last year.

More Door Drops were opened, read and retained year on year, as well as compared to any other month in 2022 according to JICMAIL media metrics. In fact, 66% of Mail was opened compared to 63% in the previous year, 77% was read compared to 73% and the % of discarded mail reduced by 6% meaning more was filed for reference in a safe space, mail draw or notice board depending on the preference of each household’s mail coordinator.

The figures reported by JICMAIL show that Mail has continued to assert its role as a vital source of product and service information and this is despite challenging marketing conditions across the quarter. Against a backdrop of Royal Mail strikes, disruption and financial uncertainty, distribution volumes and results demonstrate the true value of Door Drop to advertisers. Brands continued to include Door Drop as part of their channel mix and were determined to reach the masses with targeted and localised messaging, getting their creative directly into the homes of potential consumers.


JICMAIL’s research results show Door Drops were interacted with 3.1 times over a 28-day period in Q4, with a frequency of 3.1 and reach of 1.1; an improvement on 2021.

With many festive events filling the calendar throughout this quarter it is unsurprising that Door Drops with notifications, reminders and voucher content were those most likely to be retained in the home for longer than 28 days. In terms of share of voice, the Charity, Fast Food and Grocery sectors remain top 3 YoY, each with a significant increase in the number of items sent. See the below chart (JICMAIL Mail Item Database Q4 2021 to Q4 2022) for brands who will have no doubt benefitted from a larger presence on the doormat.


Share of Door Mat (1% of Door Drop items) – Q4 2022

At a time of year where consumers are arguably overwhelmed by advertisements, it’s great to see the JICMAIL results demonstrating how the intrusive nature of Door Drops is helping brands stand out and the medium is driving increased online activity (purchases, donations, enquiries). The importance of a clear call to action should not be underestimated and a well-considered creative alongside an expertly planned and executed campaign is sure to help drive intended effects from brand discovery to purchase fulfilment.

The Leaflet Company will soon be releasing the National Door Drop Trends & Insights Report for 2022 which dives deeper in to brand activity, share of voice, creatives and trends across the year by market. If you would like to receive a copy of the report, please get it touch.

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