Census data release drives new insights and targeting capabilities through The Leaflet company’s data partner CACI

Each decade for the past 220 years, a detailed, snapshot census has shed an invaluable and unique light on the UK ‘s population at that moment in time. The data captured on 21st March 2021 continues to be released and is instrumental for governments and businesses alike.


Some of the headline insights reveal:


• Shifts in ethnicity and religion in an increasingly diverse Britain

• Natural population growth

• Average household size increase is some areas

• Less deprivation

• A decline in Christian faith families, and almost 40% of people having no religion

• A more ethnically diverse household mix

• The first ever census insights in to LGBT+ populations

The census helps governments by enabling a more accurate, representative and recent understanding of the make-up, demography, behaviours and attitudes of our nation, helping inform investment and developments in policies, services and infrastructures.

This vast wealth of data is also crucial for brands and businesses to help understand their customer base more effectively and to help drive business by looking for like-minded consumers via geo-demographic targeting. The Leaflet Company’s data partner, CACI, have been reliant on the census data to help build, develop, update and verify many of their products in combination with various other data sources.

A combination of the latest census, updates to supplementary data sources as well as availability of the latest AI techniques has presented a perfect opportunity for CACI to develop a brand new version of Acorn; their powerful geo-demographic consumer segmentation suite that helps us understand behaviours, lifestyle and attitudes. The build has been in development for over a year and is at prototype phase having undergone various stages of vigorous testing, evaluation, dashboard creations, visualisation improvements and the creation of a new microsite – all with the same pioneering methodologies at heart.

CACI have shared just some of the improvements
to Acorn and its supporting materials as below:


• Enhanced discrimination using the latest deep learning techniques

• Improved identification of gentrifying areas

• Many new updateable data sources

• A new Acorn microsite, hosting improved collateral including an Acorn Explore dashboard and a real-time API postcode look up tool

The Leaflet Company team, having worked alongside CACI for over 20 years have a fully trained team of planning experts adept at utilising CACI’s suite of targeting tools and mapping solutions to help brands identify their true customer base, build audience segmentation models, identify pockets of opportunity across the UK and deliver truly targeted, optimised and bespoke planning models for our Door Drop clients.

Such granular level of targeting capabilities held in–house at TLC can help inform wider local marketing plans and their execution at scale across the UK. The Leaflet Company forms part of Media Concierge, a group of companies proud to offer our advertisers and agencies best in class service, expertise and tailored multi-channel solutions across Door Drop, Inserts, Print and Digital display across Regional & Local newsbrands and the largest single point access to Magazine display in the UK.

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