What is Door Drop Plus?

A 100% GDPR/privacy compliant solution to a carefully designed and strategically aligned blend of traditional and digital media, planned around audience and geography and accessed through one central point.

In a nutshell, it’s Door Drop plus geo-targeted display, social and video via any combination of the following social media platforms and 100+ geo-verified apps.

What makes Door Drop Plus different?

TLC’s industry leading planning capabilities and postcode driven datasets feed directly into digital campaign plans via a proprietary, integrated planning tool.

Meanwhile, budgets are consistently optimised in-flight by platform, location and creative using the latest hyperlocal performance data.

All this plus proprietary digital audience segments, more granular location reporting, localised creatives, location-aware landing pages, and hyper-local data triggered ad serving.

How does Door Drop Plus work?

Forensically and expertly planned Door Drop campaigns are overlaid with Digital ads, geo-targeted within postcode sectors receiving a leaflet (plus other relevant surrounding locations such as places people work, socialise, travel).

Door Drop Plus drives campaign efficiencies with

• Reduced wastage

• Improved relevance

• Transparency & control over delivery by area

• A better consumer experience

• Digital priming of audiences to help maximise Door Drop attention

• Digital reinforcement to remind leaflet recipients to take action

Need more than Door Drop Plus?

No problem! We can add daily and weekly Print titles, Digital Newsbrands, Inserts, Regional Lifestyle Magazines and more!

If you would like to know more, please contact us today

T: 020 7583 2010