Here at the Leaflet Company, we have an array of Team distribution hubs across the country specialising in flexible and bespoke catchment planning and Door Drop delivery for all your leaflet distribution needs. Along with our in-house planning tool built to identify the most suitable sectors for Team distribution to ensure optimum campaign efficiencies, there exist significant benefits aligned with this distribution method.

– Creative flexibility
– Cost effective
– Shorter booking lead-times
– Distribution tracking


How do we entrust this process?

GPS and Post Distribution Reporting:

Another advantage unique to Team distribution is the ability to track and trace up to the final point of leaflet distribution. Our Teams are fully equipped with both personal and vehicle trackers.

Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS device that continuously broadcasts signal information about its location and the precise time at which the signal was transmitted back to our central Team hubs.

Furthermore, each Team member is armed with a personal GPS tracker. Tracked in real time, via mobile, pc or tablet providing pinpoint accuracy. Modern GPS receivers can achieve accuracy within a few meters under optimal conditions.

Our investment in best-in-market GPS tracking systems means we can confidently offer this method of distribution to drive efficient, effective Door Drop solutions to brands at a national scale.


The Leaflet Company difference

The investments and operational strengths that exist in The Leaflet Company’s team distribution network today mean Team distributions are fulfilled more effectively than ever before. Coupled with zero risk of industrial relations issues, no boundary restrictions, plus pricing models that are guaranteed to beat alternative methods of distirbution, Team distribution should appear as part of every Door Drop schedule in suitable postcode sectors, helping optimise schedules and ensure the most cost-efficient solution is provided to clients.

By Ines Couto Felix, TLC Account Executive

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