There’s no doubt about it that Door Drop is usually a great fit when brands want to communicate with older audiences, but there’s a misconception that Door Drop isn’t right for reaching younger audiences, with brands often favouring digital and social channels instead.

Whilst there are a number of specific advantages to each channel individually, research shows that since 2018, the under-35 age bracket has seen a rise in engagement with Door Drops, now overtaking other age groups*. This illustrates that the Door Drop should not be forgotten when looking to reach a younger demographic and opens a huge opportunity to brands wanting to stand out from their competitors who are not tapping into this pool of consumers. In fact, Door Drop can be extremely impactful as, either, a standalone channel, or as part of a multi-channel campaign, working harmoniously to maximise performance.

According to Marketreach research, when mail was included in the marketing mix, the total campaign ROI increased by 12%

  • Appeal to all demographics

Just like Digital, Door Drop can be personal and targeted by tailoring creatives to specific customer segments, audiences and geographies. When this is done effectively, Door Drop can appeal to all ages and demographics, helping brands to communicate bespoke messages to consumers, ensuring maximum impact and ROI. When this is done in combination with digital display or social channels, the impact is even greater.

  • Cut through the noise

It’s no secret that online platforms can be cluttered with ads, with a reported 30% of users now using ad-blockers to tackle this for themselves. Brands need to find a way to cut through the noise both on and offline. Using audience or contextual targeting helps them to stand out online, ensuring they’re serving ads only to potentially interested audiences, not only making their message more relevant but also remaining cost effective and enhancing their ROI. Taking this approach alongside Door Drop can help to further maximise the effectiveness of a campaign. This helps set one brand apart from another brand and enhances engagement.

  • Prime audiences and reinforce messages

Using Digital and Door Drop in conjunction with one another by serving digital display and social ads up to a week before a Door Drop distribution begins can maximise the engagement and ROI of a campaign, particularly when targeting a younger audience. By targeting the same geographies and audiences a brand can essentially prime the audience with a digital ad and follow up with a Door Drop a week later, to reinforce the brand message or objective. When executed correctly, this helps remind the customer to take action whilst building rapport and a sense of familiarity, without unnecessarily bombarding consumers.

Door Drop is an effective solution for brands looking for a tangible way to reach and engage younger audiences, who are often less exposed to mail compared to older demographics. Door Drops resonate with younger audiences because they offer a different, more direct form of engagement that contrasts with the Digital methods they’re increasingly more familiar with. With this in mind, advertisers looking to target a younger audience should be considering Door Drop as a strategic part of their marketing mix. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Digital and Door Drop can work well in combination with one another or would like us to take the heavy lifting from you to manage the planning and optimisation process, please get in touch.

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